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Democratizing access to opportunity (DATO)

We have all heard about the industrial era education system that has dominated the way mainstream education in the United States. We have seen the rise of MOOCs, or massively open massive courses, become popular as the internet matured in the early 2010s. In response, Sparkki is improving upon existing technology by building a foundation that uses the Ethereum blockchain, machine learning, and four education theories to increase online student graduation rates (which have historically hovered at 10%), increase teacher’s incomes, and make sure that employers can hire students with market-ready skills with a base level of competency.

Sparkki, a Salt Lake City-based education cryptocurrency and online learning management platform is utilizing revolutionary blockchain technology to bring consensus between employers, students, and teachers to make sure that teachers are teaching students the skills they need to be globally competitive in the workforce day one.

Sparkki’s primary focus is on increasing student graduation rates using four research-based, proven educational theories that cater to different styles of learners- no matter what the subject matter or level.

Overview of how Sparkki’s online education ecosystem would look like:

Utah Education Tech Company Start Up
Sparkki Education Blockchain Looking To Disrupt Education Industry With Decentralization

Employers are able to offer tokens on their job posting encouraging job seekers to take courses based on the skills the employer needs to fill their positions. Students that rise to the challenge of taking the courses will accept the employer’s tokens, take the course and complete it. The employer receive a notification that the student completed the course and can see an overview of the student’s performance. The employer now knows that there is at least a base level of competency and can then schedule to start the interview process with the student.

Here is an overview of how the exchange would look like:

Here is a list of the utility uses for the Sparkki coin:

What will the tokens be used for?
  • Completing Courses
  • Monthly View Time
  • Submitting Suggestions
  • Inviting Friends
  • Following Projects
  • Reporting Bugs
  • Content Moderation
  • Creating Desired Courses
  • Mentoring Students
  • Employee Scholarships
  • Purchasing Courses
  • Video Course Downloads
  • Voting on Desired Courses
  • Requesting Courses
  • Exclusive Downloads

You can find our White Paper here:
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You can find our Press Release here:
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Rick is the lead developer for architecting and designing the online services available with Sparkki. Everything from the mobile application to the cloud services that power your virtual school. Rick’s background is in Computer Science and Education. He has worked with The University of Utah, JSecademy, ConexED, and has also founded several other startups.