Happy Customers

Sparkki has given my team and I the competitive edge that we were looking for. We have been able to launch five courses without needing to hire a developer, designer, or a communications expert and get our courses to the market that much faster.

With pre-launches and our existing audience, we could quickly see what was working and what was not. Once we figured out what was working, we would amplify our efforts with the right paid traffic channels and new course ideas became very easy to test.

That's just the beginning though. We focus on our students to get them the results they are looking for by measuring exactly how far they get into a course and where they need the extra help.

The analytics that Sparkki provides are unreal down to the exact seconds where students drop off even! That's when my team steps in with the extra help, evaluating the course content and sending out new content releases to all of the students. Amazing tool!

Rick Hernandez

Public Speaker, Author, and Online Blogger